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While waiting for death at an E.R. following a stroke, I was visited by an Angel who touched me.  That touch not only spared my life and gave me a 100% recovery, it sent me on a new path in life.  Part of that new life includes sharing that Angelic touch with others to show them the perfection and mercy of God's love to help heal their bodies and assist them with their own spiritual paths.


What does the 1st moment of death feel like?


So, I was born, I lived and now I’m dead.

What’s it all mean? 

Why was I born? 

Why did I live? 

Why did I live when and where I did? 

What about the choices that I made in my lifetime and why? 

Am I ready to be held accountable for every action and thought I 

have ever had in my lifetime? 

Now that I have crossed beyond human life and am sitting before 

God himself, as he waits to hear my first words, what will I say? 


Before I could say anything, my entire life, from the moment of my 

first breath to the last gasp of air I drew into my lungs flashed through 

the memory of my very soul. I was now simultaneously conscious of 

every single thought, word spoken or unspoken and action or inaction 

that I ever took.

No matter how good I thought that I might have been in life before 

my death, is it even possible to stand before my very Creator and not be 

ashamed now that I know that He knows everything I do?

My prior thoughts and/or beliefs about religion, atheism, Christ, 

Mohamed, David or anything else now mean nothing. I am sitting before 

God himself and now know without question that he is definitely real, 

making denial no longer possible in any way. 

In the most immeasurable least bit of the fastest moment within a 

moment and in the most perfect clarity, I finally understood that I am a 

part of the One that is God and that nothing in creation, including 

myself, is ever apart from God. 

Me, the being that I now am, has had every barrier of ignorance, 

racism, hate and anger removed from within me.

Sitting before God himself, I now had experienced the Mt. Everest

of epiphanies. I realized that even though I possess the memories of the

entire life I just lived, it is void of every single emotion I had ever 

experienced, except for one, love. 

As this epiphany now grows and becomes my new reality, I realize 

that my soul is not new and I have added to the very purpose of it, which 

was to gain more knowledge and experience in the never-ending quest for 

complete wisdom within God and the absolute perfection that his love is. 

Why am I telling you this? The answer is simple. I experienced it, 

and so have you. The only difference between you and I is that I 

remember it and have been given the opportunity to share it with you.

I have skipped ahead and just told you the ending. However, the 

ending is actually only the beginning and this is the beginning of my